Employee Engagement via Wellness...


Organizations are going to great lengths to keep their employees engaged so they keep them highly productive and focused and, ultimately, retain them. We've got a great solution: wellness activities. Whether it's weekly guided meditation workshops, quarterly wellness events, or customized webinars for a global audience, we can energize your team.

Our core curriculum is based on meditation and it has significant benefits to organizations:

  • Meditation reduces stress.
  • It improves concentration and boosts employee productivity.
  • It encourages a healthy lifestyle which in turn could reduce health insurance claims.
  • The practice increases self-awareness which improves workplace relationships.
  • It increases happiness and could lead to increased job satisfaction.
  • Meditation increases acceptance and help employees connect with one another which strengthens workplace relationships. 
  • The practice benefits cardiovascular and immune health.
  • When this is provided, it shows that leaders care about employees.

How can we engage YOUR employees?


What we can do for you...



We have keynotes, breakout sessions, and workshops for your regional meetings, conferences, or team meetings. Here is a sample of available topics that can be customized from 2-hours to full-day retreats:

  • Meditation for Improved Focus
  • Workplace Balance/Improving Productivity
  • Aromatherapy for Work & Home 
  • Peaceful Painting Workshop
  • Night Rituals & Sleep Workshop

Wellness Events


We've got yoga practitioners, meditation coaches, and other health experts to create an incredible wellness event for your location (or multiple locations). We can demonstrate meditation, "office yoga" that can be done while seated at work, and other workshops to improve sleep, for example.

Invite your employees to one of our Relaxation Retreats or have us conduct one just for your employees on or off-site just for your employees.

Global Webinars


No matter where your employees are located, we can engage them with virtual solutions. Yes, even meditation can be done virtually. 

Some client projects...

Relax & Recharge


We designed and conducted an ongoing guided meditation class for their Boca Raton corporate headquarters employees. Participants use yoga mats and take a break from their hectic day to attend this weekly session. They return more focused and energized.

Employee Engagement


We designed and faciliated a custom workshop for the SAP Miami team featuring principles of Positive Psychology and workplace happiness and finding balance. We offered practical tips and techniques that participants could apply right away.

Wellness Day


We led 120 PWC Ft. Lauderdale employees in a guided meditation at the same time during their employee wellness event. We played soothing music, had everyone relax in their chairs, and talked them through a progressive relaxation activity. 

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