Start the decade off right...

Join us and define your goals for the new year and set direction for the new decade as you relax your body, mind, and spirit. It's an amazing gift you can give to yourself.

We'll balance the day with mini workshops that will help you achieve peace and relaxation in your life.

A one-day retreat in Delray Beach, Florida at the Residence Inn Marriott at the beach

Our first retreat is Saturday, January 25, 2020

 Attend engaging and enlightening workshops with just 24 participants (men and women welcome) throughout the day and connect with your authentic self in a supportive environment. Spend a day breathing deeply, smiling, listening to restful music, and learning new simple ways to practice self-care in your life.

We use Our Exclusive 7-Step Life Model to help you identify what's important to you (topics include Fitness, Family, and more). And we'll use this model to take a closer look at each area of your life and design a PURPOSEFUL and POSITIVE year ahead.

Additional Activities include:

  • Chilling out with our Guided Meditations* where your body relaxes and your mind wanders. They'll help you visualize you living your best life.
  • Writing your inspirational throughts throughout the day in your journal (you'll find in your gift bag)
  • Designing a themed Vision Board for the year with intention (and fun)
  • Choosing a word in our What's Your Word? Activity (personalized bracelet included)
  • Breathing deeply as we support some of our activities with essential oils
  • Enjoying a delicious Vegan Lunch Buffet
  • Meeting new friends and having meaningful conversations
  • Learning how to cultivate more self-care and relaxation in your life

*Our Guided Meditations are very easy. At this retreat, we're offering seated meditations - you do short meditations as you're seated comfortably in your chair. You’ll listen to a soothing voice as you let your mind wander as light music plays in the bliss.

And it's not just a day of relaxation - we help you find out what's most meaningful for your lifestyle from the retreat so you can apply what you learned when you get back home. 

This is a fun way to gather your friends, you can join us solo, or a great mother-daughter event. Do something wonderful for yourself!

Guided Meditation


Relax as Meditation Coach Holly Landau's soothing voice takes you through a guided meditation. Your body relaxes on a yoga mat and your mind focuses on a magical story. You'll also learn how to to meditate at home. 

Our 7-Step Life Model


We're so excited to share our life model with you! It's a great way to get a holistic view of your life and design a plan that is meaningful and intentional for the coming year.



We'll introduce you to the power of aromatherapy and its many wellness benefits. Included in your tuition is an Aroma Spray that you'll customize with a pure essential oil.

What's Your Word?


  We're conducting a special workshop called What's Your Word? to help you focus on what's important to you. We ask the questions and help you focus to choose the one word that has meaning for you regarding your self-care journey. then we'll make the bracelet for you to take home to set you on your new self-care path. 

Vision Board Activity


 Listen to peaceful music and design a powerful image of your 2020 in words and pictures to take home with you. It's elevated arts and crafts.


Beautiful, Beachy Delray

We pick great locations for our retreats - right near the beach!

Book a night or two at the Residence Inn Delray Beach on Atlantic Avenue for the ultimate in shopping, restaurants, and nightlife (hotel stay not included in your retreat tuition).


Take a Stroll on the Beach

Before and after the retreat, consider taking a stroll on the beach to center yourself. Don't forget your yoga mat!



Saturday, Janurary 25th

Residence Inn Marriott Delray Beach, Florida

Your tuition includes:

  • You. Renewed. Gift Bag ($125 value) 
  • Opening Ceremony/ Setting Intentions
  • Guided Meditations
  • Personalized What's Your Word? Bracelet
  • Powerful Vision Board Workshop
  • Power Thought Visualization Workshop 
  • Aromatherapy Craft Workshop + bath products
  • Mindfulness & Chocolate Meditation
  • Closing Ceremony/Putting It All Together
  • Yummy Vegan Lunch Buffet 
  • Morning and Afternoon Snacks
  • Expert Instructors
  • Meaningful conversations with new friends

(hotel room not included)

Expert Facilitators

Joe McIver


  Meditation & Mindfulness Coach, Certified in Change Management  

Holly Landau


 Certified Mindfulness Coach, Sound Healing Practitioner, Mindfulness Coach, Founder of The Relaxation Retreat 

Gift Bag included ($100 value!)

Signature Tote


 You'll have lots of products so you'll need a nice tote to carry them in. A $25 value 

Yummy Snacks


 You'll find treats for your morning and afternoon breaks. Lunch is a vegan buffet (gluten-free options available).  

Secrets of Manifesting


 A Spiritual Guide for Getting What You Want. A 6-CD set of an incredible program based on powerful meditation by the famous Dr. Wayne Dyer. A $44 value. .

Aromatherapy Products


You'll receive a full-sized bath salts and a multi-purpose aroma spray.  A $35 value. 

What's Your Word? Bracelet


 Just like the celebrities...You'll have an opportunity to choose your own word during our What's Your Word? Workshop and you'll get to take home your own memorable bracelet from the workshop.

Your Own Journal


You'll use this throughout the retreat and especially in our Journaling for Joy workshop.