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We're launching a NEW retreat just for the new decade! 

This one is a game-changer. 


The Relaxation Retreat: Waterstone Resort, 2019

Replace your habits that create stress - with habits that create peace.

You may not even realize it, but the choices you're making each day may be preventing the relaxation you crave. We can help. We'll help you examine your day-to-day rituals and replace some of them with simple, stress-reducing new approaches that can easily fit into your busy lifestyle. We teach folks how to chill out. 

Why You Should Attend

If you're like most people...

...then you're probably pretty stressed by everyday external factors. Bad news on social media, stress at work, family challenges - and the list goes on and on.  

You can't necessarily change the world around you, but you CAN change the way you move through it.  

That's why we created The Relaxation Retreat events. We know lots of ways to manage, reframe, and prevent everyday stress and we've designed events that are filled with our best tips, wisdom, and proven methods.

We keep our events small, so you'll get access to our expert instructors who are passionate about helping you find relaxation. 

We've curated our events by bringing together incredible facilitators with meaningful content and activities.  Do something incredible for yourself - join us. 


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