Workshops & Events in South Florida...

Design Your Own Relaxation Event...


  Gather your BFFs or coworkers and learn how to chill out...we'll meet with you to find out your favorite ways to relax and we'll help you design the ultimate relaxation retreat for your sorority reunion, Bachelorette Party, corporate event or any other occasion you can imagine. Can be a few hours, half-day, full-day, or 2-day event. Can be at a private residence or at a hotel/resort.  

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Beach Meditation


 Join us on beautiful Delray Beach for a sunrise meditation. Tap into the peaceful sounds of the waves as you learn breathing techniques. 


Night Rituals & Sleep Workshop


 Discover simple ways to calm your mind at night by creating restful rituals. We'll share our favorite tips about winding down and getting a great night's sleep so you'll wake up refreshed and ready to face your days like a champ. This workshop includes a relaxing guided meditation.  

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Aromatherapy Craft Workshop


 Learn about the power of essential oils as you create your own spa products - bath salts, an all-purpose aroma spray, and a massage oil.  This workshop is fun, relaxing, and educational - and you leave with lots of goodies!   


Stress Less Workshop


 Learn about how some of your current habits might actually be creating MORE stress in your life and how you can introduce new habits that create peace and calm instead.  This workshop includes a relaxing guided meditation. 


Peaceful Painting Workshop


This is a favorite workshop offered at our women's retreat, so we started offering it as a stand-alone workshop. We start with an introduction to Mindfulness and a Guided Meditation. We then walk you through, step-by-step, how to create your own beautiful little masterpiece - a gallery-wrapped canvas painting. You may be surprised what you can create. All of our participants leave with a wonderful work of art! Soothing music plays in the background and herbal tea is served. 

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